Company Profile

We are a leading rail fastening system provider to the PRC railway industry. According to Frost & Sullivan, we were a leading rail fastening system provider in the PRC in terms of revenue for the year ended December 31, 2015 accounting for approximately 17.1% of the rail fastening system market in the PRC. We have over 10 years of experience in supplying rail fastening systems to the PRC railway industry. Our rail fastening systems have a nationwide coverage that include all Four Vertical and Four Horizontal High Speed Railway Corridors. Leveraging on such extensive experience, we have grown into one of the few rail fastening system manufacturers in the PRC with the capability to produce the core components of the rail fastening system. Through collaboration with our affiliate, Tieke Yichen, we have the capability to consistently supply all components of rail fastening systems. We have developed a comprehensive portfolio of rail fastening systems to meet the demands of all segments of the railway industry, ranging from high speed railway and heavy haul railway series to traditional track series and metro series.

We are one of the seven and the only private domestic enterprise approved by the CRCC to supply pre-assembled high speed rail fastening systems in the PRC. The CRCC, as a state-owned certification authority for the PRC railway transportation system, has set stringent approval qualifications for the suppliers of high speed rail fastening systems. We believe the qualifications established by CRCC create effective entry barriers for new market participants. Thus, we are well positioned to benefit from the expansion of the high speed railway industry in the PRC.

We have completed various “first in China” landmark projects and participated in high speed railways, heavy haul railways and other railway projects under demanding operational conditions.